Alice calls her Studio "Joy in Music" for a reason. She is a teacher gifted with the ability to share the joy in the sounds and efforts of making music even for someone starting the piano (at 60+years) and starting from the very beginning...which is a very good place to start! Rose, adult student

Nice low pressure way to learn to play the piano. I hadn't played piano since grade school. I now enjoy it very much. Kathleen N, adult student

I am an adult student and I have found Alice to be a wonderful teacher. She is responsive and knowledgeable. Alice brings a creative flair to her teaching. Pam V., adult student

I have been taking group keyboard lessons from Alice about five years. My first lesson at age 67 came with no previous music experience. The challenge and mystery of music had become stronger since my retirement from the workforce. I needed a no stress situation. The classes were exactly what suited me. No concert performances in my future. Just fun amusing myself as I attempt to make music. Mary B, adult student

Alice is a caring and creative teacher who wants to see each student find joy in making music. She is willing to be individualized in her approach, adapting the lesson to the age, interest, and learning style of each student. After 8 years, our kids are playing beautifully and truly enjoying the role piano plays in their lives.  Kelly A, parent

Alice has worked with our daughter for a decade. She has tailored her approach to our daughter's needs, interests, and learning style. We have appreciated her thoughtfulness of our daughter's piano lessons, and her support of her other musical pursuits.  Tania S, parent

My sons have been taking lessons with Alice for many years. We are extremely pleased with their progress. She has an excellent way of keeping them motivated and making practice fun. Every lesson is tailored to their needs and how they learn best. She amazes me in how she knows just how to challenge, but in a way that does not frustrate them. Their school music teacher is always impressed with our boys level of music theory knowledge. Alice is also involved in piano teacher associations and organizations. She is always learning new ways to teach and inspire piano and music learners of all ages. We highly recommend!     Leigh Ann, mom of Nate and Noah

Alice taught our daughter for 12 years, from kindergarten through high school. She taught her to seek Joy in Music, to persevere and take on new challenges, and to be willing to share the gift of music with others even if still "in progress, not perfected". She worked through a variety of themes and units over the years, including female composers, student compositions, global music, and much more. Our daughter loved taking lessons with Alice and has grown into a wonderful piano player with a strong foundation in the fundamentals. Most importantly, she loves playing the piano and making music with and for others. Alice is such a special and talented music teacher - she is creative, caring, dedicated - we recommend her highly!   Kelly, Mom of Julia

"... the boy of few words says, "Thank you."  We were very proud of him also. Thanks for take an out of class interest in him and for all you do to help him pursue his interests.  We very much appreciate the attitude with which you approach teaching and helping him expand into less traditional areas."  Parent of Sam, teenager


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