Fall 2023-Spring 2024 

(Summer information is distributed in the spring.)

Thank you for choosing me as your piano teacher. To ensure that you receive the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established the following policies.

Tuition and Fees: The studio operates year-round, with a total of 32 lessons from September-June, and flexible scheduling during the summer. Our schedule is organized in two terms, Sept-Jan and Feb-June. Payment is in advance, either by the term or by the month. Payment by the term includes a small discount and is due in advance at the first lesson of each term. Payment by the month consists of 5 equal payments per term,  paid in advance by the first lesson of each month. (Summer info is distributed in the spring).

Tuition:         40-minute lessons:      $710/term or $154/month                                                             60-minute lessons:      $1032 term or $223/month                  

Fees:              Registration fee:           $40 once a year

                       Book deposit:                $35-$50  in September and February

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Zelle (207-210-4214) or CASHAPP (available for iPhone or Android). Checks (written to Alice Peterson) can be mailed to 34 Garfield Street, Westbrook ME 04092 to arrive by the 10th of the month.

The registration fee of $40 is paid when you start lessons, and once a year thereafter. This yearly fee is billed in the spring and reserves a spot in the fall schedule. If you do not reserve a spot in the spring, it is paid with your first tuition payment in the fall. Your book deposit cover materials purchased for the student by the teacher. Records will be kept of all purchases and any funds not used will be refunded at the end of the year.  If funds are depleted mid-term, the teacher will bill you for the additional amount.

Your tuition reserves a time slot for you in the studio schedule. Your tuition pays for music instruction time, lesson preparation, curriculum development, event planning, studio communication and recordkeeping, whether you attend your lesson or not. Additional overhead includes studio rental, office supplies, business insurance, and maintenance of studio equipment. For this reason, there are no refunds for missed lessons

Missed Lessons: A regular student has a lesson once a week, every week that the studio is open. With advance notice, lessons may sometimes be rescheduled within the week of the missed lesson at the teacher’s discretion.  They may be in person or online. Please do not attend lessons if you are sick. When weather/storm conditions or mild illness interfere with travel to lessons, online lessons are available.  In the case of planned absences of more than two consecutive weeks, please talk with the teacher at least a month in advance. 

Teacher Absence: There is one flex week built into each term that your teacher may take off to deal with family or medical concerns. Any teacher absences beyond this will be rescheduled.

Discontinuing Lessons: Every student will stop taking lessons at some point.  Please make this decision thoughtfully with plenty of advance discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can end with a positive sense of closure and openness to future musical adventures.

Instrument: Students need a full size, weighted key instrument to progress.

Fingernails: Fingernails should be kept short, not extending beyond the end of the finger.

Practice Guidelines: Parental involvement is essential until the student becomes self-directed in practice. This may take years.  Linking practice to another daily activity can help make piano time part of your family culture.  (Just before supper, right after you get home, every time you brush your teeth…)  Most important:

  • Develop the habit of daily practice—even if there’s only time for one piece.
  • The most important home practice is right after the lesson or the next morning. Within 24 hours, we forget 70 percent of new information unless it is reviewed.
  • Encourage your child to explain the assignment page to you, teach you or a sibling a favorite piece, play for others.

Events: The studio provides opportunities to share music through Piano Celebrations twice a year, as well as additional studio events like playing at retirement homes and joint activities with other studios. Events outside the studio may require an additional fee.

Thank you for your commitment to piano lessons. With the complexity of modern family life, there are many things demanding attention. I want to work with you to ensure that you child feels the joy and success of making music. Please contact me at any time with questions, suggestions or concerns.        (207)210-4214  










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