About Alice

Alice Peterson has been a private piano teacher since January 2000, and has enjoyed teaching adult recreational groups since 2008. She has been connecting people with music for several additional decades. Her varied experience includes developing and teaching introductory classical music workshops for children, teaching home school music, working with church youth choirs, daycare music and movement classes, teaching private lessons at Greater Portland Christian School and developing and teaching adult recreational piano groups as a collaboration with Portland Adult Education.

Her current studio, the JOY IN MUSIC Piano Studio, includes students from age 6 to 86, and she enjoys working with a broad variety of personalities, interests, and learning styles. Alice sees music as a gift from God meant for all, not only for specialists, and delights in helping people develop the skill to express themselves musically. Alice started piano study at age eight, continuing, with a few detours, into adulthood. She returned to college as an adult specifically for music education training. During the last decade, she has attended several national teacher's conferences focusing on adult recreational piano approaches, and as a result, the studio's adult recreational group piano program is thriving.

Alice teaches all ages year round. Her approach is to encourage JOY in making music, to teach the sequential SKILLS necessary to play music, and inspire CONFIDENCE in approaching music. She enjoys teaching children and teens as well as adult beginners and refreshers. Her flexible teaching schedule has included many home schooled families. Alice supplements her formal education through personal study and by attending regional and national piano pedagogy conferences. She is a member of the Maine Music Teachers' Association and the National Music Teachers' Association, and started a Southern Maine piano teachers' group with a colleague in 2016. She participates actively in several online music teacher and pedagogy groups.

You may contact Alice at alicejpeterson@yahoo.com

or by calling (207)210-4214 or (207)856-0240.


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