Whether you're a beginner or returning after time away from the piano, it's a worthwhile endeavor. Many adults enroll as regular students. They have a dedicated spot in the weekly schedule and receive the individual attention that a private lesson provides.

 A limited number of part time  slots are available for adult students who are not able to commit to fulltime lessons.

See the policy page for details. 

Recreational Music Making (RMM) is an idea whose time has come!

"Alice pitches the recreational piano class at just the right level: it is both relaxed and challenging. She frequently checks in with members of the group to see if a) they are enjoying the class; b) if they are challenged enough. I have never read music or played an instrument before and now in my late 50's, I am amazed and am thoroughly enjoying learning to play piano with Alice! Alice is a wonderful teacher."      Rose       

                    For more information                                                                    contact Alice at                                                                                   or text or leave a message at                                            (207)210-4214                            


It's a journey, not a race...

Piano for Fun and Fulfillment is a recreational group piano program for adult beginners and "refreshers". It is a gentle introduction to or continuation  of making music at the piano in a low stress group setting.   No solo playing is required. Class size is 6-10. Beginning classes are  a collaboration with Portland Adult         Education; all classes are held at          Starbird Music. 

 For more info, contact Alice at

or text or leave a message at (207)210.4214.


Piano Fun for Adult Beginners Fall 2014 class

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