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JOY IN MUSIC PIANO STUDIO POLICIES                   Fall 2018-Spring 2019

To ensure that you receive the most effective, creative teaching possible, I have established these policies. Questions are welcomed.

Tuition and Fees: The studio operates year-round, with flexible scheduling in the summer. The school year is divided into 2 terms, with a total of 34 lessons during the year. Payment is in advance, either by the term or by the month.  Payment by the term, which includes a discount, is due by the first lesson of the term. Payment by the month consists of 5 equal payments per term, to be paid by the first lesson of each month. Your prompt attention to this allows me to focus on teaching. Checks should be written to Alice Peterson and brought to lessons or mailed to 34 Garfield Street, Westbrook, Maine 04092.

Tuition Rates:              40-minute lessons:      $625/term or $135/month    ($50 off by term)                                                                                                                                                                       

                                    50-minute lessons:      $790/term or $168/month    ($50 off by term)

                                    1-hour lessons:            $925/term or $200/month     ($75 off by term)

Your tuition reserves a time slot for you in the studio schedule. It pays not only for actual music instruction time, but time for lesson preparation, curriculum development, selecting music, event planning, studio communication and business recordkeeping. It pays for office supplies, business insurance, studio rental, maintenance of studio equipment including instruments and other overhead costs.  If the student misses a lesson, these expenses are still incurred.

 Fees:               $35/$50 book deposit in September and February

                        $35 registration fee once a year

A book deposit of $30-$50 (depending on level) will be charged in September, and again in February. Records will be kept of all music purchases.  Any money not used will be refunded at the end of the year.  When music purchased exceeds the amount of the book deposit, the teacher will bill you for the additional amount. Books needed for lessons will be purchased by the teacher.

The registration fee of $35 is paid when you start regular lessons, and once a year thereafter, in the Spring. Payment of the Spring fee reserves a spot in the fall schedule.

Information on summer schedule and payment is distributed in the spring.

Missed Lessons: A regular student has a lesson once a week, every week that the studio is open. Your scheduled time is reserved for you each week whether you are there or not.  There are no refunds for missed lessons. The final week of lessons in June  is Catch-Up Week, and you may schedule up to two lessons if you have missed some during the year. These may be either private or group lessons. With advance notice, lessons may occasionally be rescheduled within the week of the missed lesson at the teacher’s discretion.  Lessons missed because of the teacher’s absence will be rescheduled. *In the case of planned absences of more than two consecutive weeks, please talk with the teacher at least a month in advance.*

Discontinuing Lessons: Every student will stop taking lessons at some point.  Please make this decision thoughtfully with plenty of advance discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can end with a positive sense of closure. 

Practice Guidelines: Parental involvement in practice is essential for the youngest students; parental oversight of elementary age children is necessary until the student becomes self-directed in practice.  Most important:

  • Develop the habit of getting to the piano each day. Ideally, the student will go through all the steps on the assignment page, checking off each step as he or she does it.  In reality, just doing SOMETHING at the piano daily  reinforces the habit on stressful days. Most weeks will be a mix of the two approaches.
  • The most important home practice is within 24 hours. Research shows us that within 24 hours, we have forgotten an average of 70 percent of new information unless it is reviewed. Take time for your child to explain the assignment page to you after the lesson or ask him/her to play a new song before school the next morning. This will reinforce the lesson, even if there is not time for a full practice.
  • Checking off the assignments at the time of home practice helps the teacher make a quick assessment and adapt lesson plans as needed to create a successful experience.

Instrument: Students need a full size, weighted key instrument to progress.

Fingernails: Fingernails should be kept short, not extending beyond the end of the finger.

Events: The studio provides opportunities to share music with others through Piano Celebrations twice a year, as well as additional events including playing at retirement homes and joint activities with other studios. Events outside the studio may require an additional fee.

Thank you for your commitment to piano lessons. With the complexity of modern family life, there are many things demanding attention. I want to work with you to ensure that you child feels the joy and success of making music. Please contact me at any time with questions, suggestions or concerns.

Joy in Music Piano Studio         (207)210-4214         alicejpeterson@yahoo.com                     

Teaching Location:                 Starbird Piano Store, 500 Forest Avenue, Portland

Mailing Address:                              34 Garfield Street, Westbrook, Maine 04092     














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